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Famous people from Sedan

Abraham Fabert, governor of Sedan in 1642 and Marshal of France in 1658 (1599-1662)

Nicaise Le Febvre, pharmacist (approx. 1610-1669)

Henri de la Tour d'Auvergne
, Viscount of Turenne, soldier named Marshal of France in 1643 (1611-1675)

Pierre Bayle
, history and philosophy professor (1647-1706)

Jean Delagrive, Lazarist priest and official geographer of the City of Paris (1689-1757)

Francois Ignace Ervoil d'Oyré, general of the armies of the Republic and the Empire (1739-1798)

Nicolas Halma, mathematician (1755-1828)

Guillaume Ternaux
, industrialist and politician (1763-1833)

Jacques Etienne Joseph Alexandre Macdonald
, serviceman, Empire Marshal and Grand Eagle of the Legion of Honour (1765-1840)

Louis Samuel Béchet de Léocour
, General of the Empire (1771-1845)

Arsène Thiébaut de Berneaud, serviceman and agronomist (1777-1850)

Laurent Cunin-Gridaine
, industrialist and minister of Commerce and Agriculture of the King Louis-Philippe (1778-1859)

Charles Cunin-Gridaine
, Senator of the Ardennes (1804-1880)

François Clément Sauvage
, deputy and director of the East Railway (1814-1872)

François Willème, sculptor and inventor of photo-sculpture in 1860 (1830-1905)

Marie-Léonide Charvin, a.k.a Agar, comedienne (1832-1891)

Gustave Deloye
, sculptor (1838-1899)

Charles Pilard, man of letters and musician (1843-1902)

Jules Depaquit
, illustrator (1869-1924)

Henri-Georges Deleau, a.k.a Georges Delaw
, painter and illustrator (1871-1938)

 Robert Debré, doctor, founder of modern paediatrics (1882-1978)

Paul Bazelaire
, cellist and composer (1886-1958)

Henri Brégi
, pilot (1888-1917)

Cardinal Yves Congar
, theologian (1904-1995)

Baron, a.k.a Frédérik Tristan, writer and laureate of the Goncourt Prize 1983 (1931)

Yannick Noah
, tennis player and artist (1960)

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